What Makes Tiens Unique?

As one of the first network marketing company established in China, Tiens provides an opportunity that no one else can match. We not only offer unique access to this incredible market, but we are also open in 190 other regions globally.

Our successful foray into the U.S. market offers Distributors all the advantages of joining a new start-up company while providing the benefits of established infrastructure, years of experience, and the global reach of an established company.

How to earn

Tiens’ compensation plan is designed around a simple philosophy – as you share more, you earn more. We provide you with the resources to build a successful team of Distributors and then, as you continue to grow, you’ll find that you’re earning more together as a team than you would as individuals. This comes from leveraging the power of what’s called residual income, continually earning based on hard work and team effort.

Tiens’ unique compensation plan offers you six ways to earn:

  1. Customer Commissions: earn as you acquire and retain loyal customers.
    • Retail Sales: when you sell products at the retail price you earn the difference between the wholesale & the retail price.
    • Preferred Customer (PC) Sales: enroll Preferred Customers (PCs) in Tiens’ Autoship Program to receive commissions.
  2. Start Up Bonus (SUB): earn a percentage on the orders of those you enroll during the first four commission weeks following their enrollment.
  3. Team Development Bonus (TDB): earn a percentage on your organization volume weekly.
  4. Mentor Bonus: earn a percentage of your downline’s TDBs through check matching.
  5. Leadership Bonus Pool: earn a percentage on Global Total Network PV (TNPV).
  6. Lifestyle Bonuses: be rewarded for reaching the highest ranks consistently with the Achievement Bonus and the Luxury Home Bonus.
    • Achievement Bonus: earn a one-time bonus for achieving the ranks of Golden Lion, Director, and Honorary Director.
    • Luxury Home Bonus: earn bonuses for achieving the ranks of Director and Honorary Director.

By sharing innovative products and introducing others to this global business opportunity, you’ll grow a business that will allow you to truly thrive — and help others to do the same. To learn more about how to earn, download and review our full Compensation Plan.

As a dreamer who is ready to make a difference, you are the partner we are looking for